Work Conditioning & Hardening


When patients have achieved their short- and long-term goals with physical therapy but are unable to return to work due to remaining functional deficits. We help clients who have experienced pain and musculoskeletal injuries return to their full job duties after being off work for extended periods of time. The work hardening program helps to increase an individual’s strength and flexibility through exercises and work simulated tasks to allow for a faster. These are full body intensive conditioning programs that focus on work simulation activities to get injured workers back to work.

Work Hardening

A highly structured, goal-oriented, individualized intervention program designed to return the employee to work. This program utilizes real or simulated work activities designed to restore physical, behavioral and vocational functions. Work Hardening addresses the issues of productivity, safety and physical tolerances.

 Work Conditioning

An intensive, goal-oriented conditioning program designed to restore neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function including strength, power, endurance, joint mobility, ROM, motor control, cardiovascular endurance and functional abilities. The primary objective of the Work Conditioning program is to restore physical capacity and function to enable the injured worker to return to his or her pre-injury job.