Physical Therapy Centres is equipped with truely state of the art equipment and maintains a bright, cheerful atmosphere to aid in the recovery process.

Our programs are systematically designed to measure and report changes in health status, functional clinical outcomes and satisfaction. By providing benchmarked reports on clinical functional outcomes, it promotes clinical excellence, cost effectiveness and high quality services.


Smart Bilateral Cable System
Evaluate and rehab with objective measures on our new smart, state of the art, pneumatic bilateral cable machine. It allows us to provide high tech treatment and exercise with realtime visual feedback and progress tracking.

Multi-Cervical Unit

Neck Evaluation and Rehabilitation System
Objectively measure and improve cervical spine range of motion and strengthen the neck in all planes of movement. Get results with unmatched evaluation and rehabilitation of the cervical spine. Safe, research backed, effective, non invasive treatment for chronic neck pain and whiplash symptoms.

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