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At our clinics, you are the most important person and relieving your problems is our primary concern. We will make sure we listen to your story, hear your concerns and address you as an individual, and that you always know we are dedicated to your recovery.

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Our Philosophy

To return you to or beyond your pre-accident level state of health including restoration of usual activities or optimize function in cases of permanent impairment.
This is done by:

  • Early and active interventions
  • Customized treatment programs to suit your unique needs.
  • Client-centered Care
  • Personalized care plans and education programs focusing on guiding you towards a healthy lifestyle and physical well-being.
  • We want to contribute to our community through our services to improve the general health
  • First and foremost, we are all a big family and we treat each patient and client as a member of our family with the utmost amount of respect.
  • We go beyond simply providing services – our team is committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions about your health.
  • We provide highly skilled licensed Physical Therapists and Kinesiologists to meet the individual needs of each client and patient.
  • Each patient is evaluated by a physiotherapist and a highly individualized, active program is designed to meet his or her specific rehabilitative needs.
  • Our team is always available and happy to administer, guide, assist and support you throughout the treatment session.
  • We utilize various modalities during treatment to insure the best outcome and benefits for you.
  • Our services are held to the highest standards of excellence, as determined by our clients. You decide what excellence means to you, and we work tirelessly to deliver it.

What do our Patients Say?

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I have been coming to this place for over 2 years now and unfortunately today was my last treatment due to the 2 year limit with insurance. How ever all the staff I have dealt with here is super kind and caring. They always want to help and are always checking up to see if you’re okay. I unfortunately am not fully healed to no fault on there part how ever as soon as I get my other surgery I’m waiting for i will come back to this clinic. Thank you to all the staff of Victoria trail physiotherapy I will be coming back for any other problems and or just to visit

Brandt Mclellan
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My husband and I have been going to this clinic for almost 4 months now at 3 days a week, and we’re more than happy with everything they’ve done so far to treat our injuries. The front end staff are very kind and professional, as well as the staff in the back that have treated us this far. They explain our injuries by showing us on a screen or from the posters they have posted and have so much knowledge with different areas of injury.

Maridona Castillo
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I have been going to Victoria now for over 3 years for a few different issues along the way. they are very professional and they show you what you can be doing at home to better yourself as well. I like that they show my an exercise and then walk away and not always standing beside me, I do see they are keeping an eye out. Insurance is what it is, but they checked first with AHS and found that some sessions where covered so saved me from using my own health insurance. Overall I enjoy (well as enjoyable as physio can be) Allan does great work and very friendly and Arun was very professional along with the rest of the staff

Les Barker
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I have been to this clinic twice now. Once for rehab from torn tendons and ligaments in the right knee and ankle about 11 years ago and this past year before COVID-19 hit for a car accident.
They are thorough and are very conscientious about paper work for insurance companies. I felt very comfortable with my personal fitness before going to the clinic so being able to work with Alan really made a difference in my rehab. Alan didn’t butter things up much.

Jacques Verville
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I’ve been going here for a while now and love it.
The receptionists are all very sweet and have great people skills, and the physiotherapist I’ve been seeing (Bhawana Phirani) is so caring and really gets to the root of the issue.

samantha mazzotta
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I like their attentive service. I am here for High ankle injury physiotherapy. Friendly faces, always greet with a smile. Good Clear explanation of how to recover quicker, advised of necessary precautions.

Feetuan Van

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