Home Exercises & Equipment

  • What are Home Exercises?
    Home exercise programs include directions for exercises that the patient should continue to perform independently at home. Completing a home exercise program is an integral part of achieving success in physical therapy.
    Physical therapy incorporates some re-training and strengthening of specific muscles to perform according to individual functions. In order for muscles to “wake-up” and begin responding appropriately, frequent and consistent practice is necessary.
    For maximum benefit, it is important to take an active role in your physical therapy experience.
  • I am doing physiotherapy isn’t that enough?
    A physical therapist alone is not going to make you better, but he or she will teach you how to make yourself better. Performing your home exercise program on a consistent basis is a great way to invest in your own health and to demonstrate to your physical therapist that you are committed to achieving a successful rehabilitation.
  • What if I need equipment and material to do exercises?
    Don’t worry, our physiotherapists will provide you with a range of exercises to meet your needs. Not only will we be providing exercises that do not need equipment which you can do at home, but also we can give you some equipment to get you started and get the most beneficial exercises with what you can get.