Posture and Orthopedic disorders

  • What is a posture?

    Posture refers to how you position your body when you’re sitting, standing, or lying down
  • What is a posture dysfunction?
    Postural dysfunction or “Poor” posture is defined when our spine is in an unnatural positions, in which the curves are exaggerated.
    This results in having the joints, muscles and vertebrae being in increased stressful positions which results in a build up of pressure on these structures.
  • What causes a dysfunctional posture?
    Generally speaking. everyday life and the repetitive tasks start to weigh down on the body and will cause us to acquire a bad posture. In some cases a bad posture can be the result of poor ergonomic setup to your work environment as well.
  • What can a bad posture cause?
    A bad posture can cause significant increase in the pain that a person can experience and a delay to their treatment should they be getting one. It will also cause:
    – Low back pain
    – Upper back pain
    – Neck pain
    – Shoulder pain
    – Pelvic pain
  • What is the proper posture?
    Proper posture is when the body is aligned so that all our muscles, ligaments and joints work as they were designed to that means that there are no exaggerated curves in the spine or other joints.
  • What are Orthopedic Injuries?Orthopedic Injuries are any injury or condition that may occur to the muscle, joint and nervous system in the body. The stresses of everyday life and active living can often lead to orthopedic injuries that affects your ability to perform daily tasks.
  • How can I fix these problems?
    Our physiotherapy centers can evaluate your posture and help by treating your dysfunction returning you to the normal posture. In addition, we can give you some ergonomic tips to better setup your work place and resolve the source of the problem.