Sport injuries & Athlete Performance

  • What is a sports injury?
    A sports injury is an injury that is sustained during a sports activity such as volleyball, skiing, hokey, football etc…
  • Who does this concern?
    This concerns any person who is or plans to play sports in a professional manner.
    These injuries can hamper and even terminate the professional career of an athlete.
    Not only do these injuries terminate his current career but also they stay with him for the future where they will be causing significant pain and disability in everyday life. 
  • Give me an example of some sports injuries
    Sports injuries could be almost anything but here are a few examples:
    – Torn ligaments
    – Torn or broken meniscuses
    – Muscle tendons tears, abrasions, uprooting
    – Concussions
  • What can is the difference between regular therapy and sports rehabilitation?
    While regular therapy will help recover from those injuries it will not help you recover to be able to play those sports professionally again. You will always have a risk of getting the same injury over and over due to that muscle. joint or ligament being weakened.
  • What can you do to help me?
    At our physiotherapy centers we utilize the best and advanced techniques specifically adapted for your recovery allowing you to return back to the game with a decreased risk of relapse.
    We have physiotherapists who have worked with professional sports teams and helped them recover.