• Who is a physiotherapist?
    A physiotherapist is a person who has studied and trained in the field of physiotherapy. He is an expert about the human physical body knowing its natural joints limits, capacities and how to rehabilitate certain conditions and speed up the recovery of patients.
  • What is Physiotherapy?
    Physiotherapy also known as physical therapy is the act of treating a condition using physical agents or modalities in addition to a combination of manual therapy techniques to alleviate a person’s pain, muscle problems, regain or readapt new functional abilities.
  • What are these manual therapies applied?
    A physiotherapist can use manual treatment techniques to help heal a sustained injury. These treatment modalities can include:
    – Massage
    – Joints mobilization
    – Specific joint mobilization
    – Active and passive exercises
    – Stretches
    – Neurological manipulations
    – Weights and strengthening exercises
    – Manipulation techniques
    – Needling techniques
  • What other treatment modalities does a physiotherapist use?
    A physiotherapist can use any physical treatment modality to help reach the goals him and the patient have set. These modalities include:
    – Heat and cold modalities.
    – Ultrasounds.
    – Electrotherapy.
    – Lasers.
    – Shock waves.
    – Magnetic fields generators.
    – Paraffin and wax baths.